Pripet Marshes

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Prip′et Marsh′es

an extensive wooded marshland in S Belorussia and NW Ukraine. 33,500 sq. mi. (86,765 sq. km).
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In Richler's Your Mouth Is Lovely, the Pripet Marshes are a place of refuge and discovery in the memory narrative of Miriam, a Jewish woman assassin exiled in a frigid Siberian prison camp after the Russian Revolution.
Yet, while Army Groups North and Center easily penetrated and encircled the defending Soviet units, Army Group South experienced greater difficulty in attacking south of the Pripet Marshes. Unknown to the Germans, the Soviet Southwestern Front included eight huge mechanized corps that between them totaled 5,550 tanks and armored cars, more than the entire inventory of German armor on the Eastern Front.
In July and August 1941, the 2d SS Cavalry Brigade participated in antipartisan operations in the Pripet Marshes, shooting 13,788 people at the cost of two dead.