Prism glass

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1.Glass with one side smooth and the other side formed into sharp-edged ridges so as to reflect the light that passes through, used at windows to throw the light into the interior.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The company has completed several steel erection projects over the years including ones for Alba, the Kooheji Group, Kia Motors, the Bahrain Prism Glass factory, an Agility warehouse, the Bahrain Pipe Factory, the Kuwait Trade Centre and the German firm RMA's Bahrain production facility.
The correspondence between the two and contemporary reception of the bizarre, polychromatic building are included here, as are aphorisms Scheerbart wrote for it--'Without a palace of glass, life is a burdensome task.' Placed next to Taut's list of glass suppliers--Luxfer Prism Glass, Keplerian Reinforced Concrete Glass--the aphorisms read like utopian poetry and advertising copy.
Innovative SK nanocoated prism glass, ED objective lenses and ultra-fast focus provide bright, clear images even at extended distances.
Bahrain Prism Glass Factory said it had signed two deals during the event worth $4 million and was looking to build further business on the back of contacts they had made at the show.
Bahrain Prism Glass Factory (BPGF) was officially inaugurated this week by Commerce and Industry Minister Dr Hassan Fakhro at the Bahrain International Investment Park in Hidd.
1, the filling behavior in a cavity is observed with a high-speed video camera through a prism glass that is inserted in the mold.
With light in mind, Childs and his team from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill replaced the metal and stone with saw-toothed prism glass panels that will bend and refract light.
The wall is anchored by 3-inch-by-3-inch Prism Glass field tiles with Sea Glass Surf and Icicle listels.
Each lens system is constructed from super-high reflection prism glass that's been phase-coated to prevent eye fatigue, and fully-multi-coated for maximum light transmission.
Illuminessence Glass comprises four series Prism Glass, Prism Glass Listellos, Radiance Glass, and Water Crystal Mosaics.
Another band who produced stunning images were Pink Floyd from the prism glass cover of the moody 1973 Dark Side of the Moon to the surreal inflatable pig floating over Battersea Power Station on their other best seller Animals.