Prison bars

See Base, n., 24.

See also: Prison

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The moon come a-swelling up out of the ground, now, powerful big and round and bright, behind a comb of trees, like a face looking through prison bars, and the black shadders and white places begun to creep around, and it was miserable quiet and still and night-breezy and graveyardy and scary.
We were bottled up at the head of the fiord as completely as if we had been behind prison bars. Before us spread the Sojar Az, and else-where about us rose unscalable cliffs.
It is a robe of state: Woven by a Venetian: the stuff, cut-velvet: The pattern, pomegranates: each separate seed Wrought of a pearl: the collar all of pearls, As thick as moths in summer streets at night, And whiter than the moons that madmen see Through prison bars at morning.
Let us find them first, and I'll find means of draining you of some of your superfluous cash, sir, while there are prison bars, and bolts, and locks, to keep your friend or kinsman safely.
She had quite a lovely face, though, as the reader may suppose from this sketch of her history, there was a lurking devil in her bright eye, which looked out pretty sharply from between her prison bars.
Everywhere that he turned were prison bars, and hostile eyes following him; the well-fed, sleek policemen, from whose glances he shrank, and who seemed to grip their clubs more tightly when they saw him; the saloon-keepers, who never ceased to watch him while he was in their places, who were jealous of every moment he lingered after he had paid his money; the hurrying throngs upon the streets, who were deaf to his entreaties, oblivious of his very existence--and savage and contemptuous when he forced himself upon them.
Though behind prison bars, still she leaned against his strength.
JENIN, Saturday, August 17, 2019 (WAFA) - Two Palestinian resistance men from the northern West Bank governorate of Jenin have completed 18 and 20 years behind Israeli prison bars, according to the director of the Jenin office of the Palestinian Prisoner Society Muntaser Sammour.
The duo fled around 2 am on Sunday by cutting prison bars and crossing the main wall of the jail with the help of bedsheets, the jail authorities said in a statement.
FILE - Man holds prison bars - Pixabay/diegoattorney CAIRO -- 24 March 2019: The Administrative Prosecution ordered an urgent trial for four employees in the Port Said Customs Authority over fraud that caused authorities to lose over LE 1.2 million, the value of customs duties.
He sawed through four sets of prison bars during the escape.