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n.1.A tool employed by blacksmiths for punching or enlarging the nail holes in a horseshoe.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The UK/PRC-325 is in fact an 'UK-ised' version of Harris' AN/PRC-150(C) Falcon-II multiband radio, although lacking the proprietary Harris Citadel encryption which is instead replaced by the UK Type-1 Pritchel encryption.
When the bulb is placed on stock and the bend over the pritchel (round) hole struck, it locks it in place.
Old Man Pritchel, and summons the sheriff and Stevens to the farm,
Pritchel, he attempts to mix a cold toddy such as the old man favored,
Pritchel's badly mutilated body in the barn and thought it
The farrier's anvil differs from the smith's by having no shoulder and a larger horn, as well as often having a second pritchel hole.
The pritchel hole is used for punching holes, while both it and the hardie hole can be used for holding the end of a rod for bending.
Back home, grind it smooth, drill pritchel and hardy holes and temper and anneal the body (harden to red-hot and brittle, then soften to straw yellow and a proper hammering elasticity) in two heats on a bed of coals and two quenchings in a washtub of water.
WHEN it comes to using clenchers, buffers, pritchels and nippers, no one does it better than Jim Blurton.