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a right of private passage over another man's ground; also, a road on private land, contrasted with public road, which is on a public right of way.
- Kent.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Of course he lied when I asked him why he wished me to get him the keys in that private way. He might have saved himself the trouble--I didn't believe him.
Thus we spent the day in debates of what we should do; but towards evening we found that the number of our enemies still increased, and we did not know but by the morning they might still be a greater number: so I began to inquire of those people we had brought from Tobolski if there were no private ways by which we might avoid them in the night, and perhaps retreat to some town, or get help to guard us over the desert.
A plaintiff's easement rights to a private way in the North End were neither abandoned nor extinguished by a gate and fence meant to keep out the public, because there was evidence of intermittent use of the parcel, a Superior Court judge has determined.<br />The fence and gate in question had been in place before any of the parties had acquired interests in the three neighboring properties.<br />As an initial matter, Judge Rosemary Connolly determined that the plaintiff had met its burden to prove an express easement over the entire area, as memorialized by the 1887 and subsequent deeds.
On Wednesday afternoon, Bremer Street, which is a private way, was covered in white, and he said he felt abandoned again.
The town has sealed road cracks and currently plows the snow, although snowplowing isn't required for private ways. "We've been acting as though it's a public way, even though it's a private way," Mr.
Patrick Hart, who lives on a portion of Howard Street considered a private way, said he is not concerned with the $5 increases, but the fact that he will not be able to opt out of the sanding or salting service.
The law firm came up with a way to take care of private way, with restrictions.
"He gave a lot to other people in public ways, but he also did it in private ways that nobody saw.
The Secret Service is responsible for protecting the president, but the local sheriff's office is reportedly asked to help in several public and private ways. Citing estimates provided by the Palm Beach County sheriff's department, CNN reported about $60,000 is spent on overtime every day when Trump visits his private club.
He explained that the rise of Snapchat and the massive shift of the young generation to private, one-to-one chats and communication indicates that people aren't just looking for impersonal and easy ways to put their messages out - they are looking for more meaningful, convenient, creative and importantly private ways to interact and greet each other.
I am, however, becoming concerned about items appearing in the form of criticisms of certain persons pursuing their lawful occasions which can be challenged in private ways and do not require press coverage.
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