Privileged communication

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(Law) A communication which can not be disclosed without the consent of the party making it, - such as those made by a client to his legal adviser, or by persons to their religious or medical advisers
A communication which does not expose the party making it to indictment for libel, - such as those made by persons communicating confidentially with a government, persons consulted confidentially as to the character of servants, etc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Under her son's roof--after the death of his wife--she reigned a supreme power; priding herself alike on her close attention to her domestic duties, and on her privileged communications with angels and spirits.
The "strange requests" of rich men are of the nature of "privileged communications," for this excellent reason, that they are sure not to be requests for money.
However, the recording of privileged communication between journalists and their sources, lawyers and their clients, and doctors and their patients shall not be allowed
Talking about the same, Urmila said in a statement, "At the outset, it's extremely unfortunate that a confidential letter containing privileged communication should be made public.
Importantly, the notice will generally highlight the importance of preserving attorney-client privilege and will advise that the notice, itself a privileged communication, is not to be forwarded to anyone else, particularly anyone outside the organization.
"The law itself is problematic already because of the privileged communication between doctor and patient.
Tionko admitted to reporters that they had difficulty crafting the RR, for instance pointing to the privileged communication between doctors and their patients as an 'obstacle.'
In the middle of his criminal case, Healea raised Sixth Amendment concerns, including allegations that the Columbia Police Department recorded privileged communication with his attorney after officers arrested him and took him to police headquarters, and that prosecutors had access to the recording.
Before the closing of Thursday's proceedings, the JIT head moved an application stating that the privileged communication between the investigation team and Quist Solicitor a law firm of Mr Zia's first cousin hired for forensic analysis of documents may be kept confidential.
He didn't disclosed that how much fee he was paid and said that it was privileged communication and under the same rule, Jeremy Freeman did not disclose that how much fee he was paid.
(62) Unlike the posture when a privileged communication is retransmitted, in a three-way conversation the question is whether the requisite confidentiality exists for privilege to arise at all.