Privileged communication

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(Law) A communication which can not be disclosed without the consent of the party making it, - such as those made by a client to his legal adviser, or by persons to their religious or medical advisers
A communication which does not expose the party making it to indictment for libel, - such as those made by persons communicating confidentially with a government, persons consulted confidentially as to the character of servants, etc.

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Under her son's roof--after the death of his wife--she reigned a supreme power; priding herself alike on her close attention to her domestic duties, and on her privileged communications with angels and spirits.
Like priests and physicians, lawyers and accountants are covered by the rules on privileged communication or confidentiality on matters disclosed to them by their clients in the course of their professional work.
He didn't disclosed that how much fee he was paid and said that it was privileged communication and under the same rule, Jeremy Freeman did not disclose that how much fee he was paid.
Attorneys Office for its policies, practices and access to other forms of privileged communication.
In turn, Tang pointed out to the UNESCO's special and privileged communication with the Ministry of Education, where the Ministry's efforts in supporting and helping children to ensure their return to schools and to maintain the quality of education were reviewed.
Therefore, the referral itself is not protected as an attorney-client privileged communication.
Both statutes give tax-advice communications the same privilege protections that apply to a communication between a taxpayer and an attorney, as long as the communication would be considered a privileged communication if it were between a taxpayer and an attorney.
Individual or firm-level data or information furnished by a respondent to a statistical inquiry or survey shall be considered privileged communication and shall be inadmissible as evidence in any court proceedings.
In nonOcriminal tax matters, that privilege applies to any communication that "would be considered a privileged communication if it were between a taxpayer and an attorney" [IRC section 7525(a)(1)].
183) The statute states that "[n]o otherwise privileged communication obtained in accordance with, or in violation of, the provisions of this subchapter shall lose its privileged character.
89) Rules of privilege are generally regarded as substantive for conflict of laws purposes (90)--therefore, in jurisdictions that apply the law of the state with the "most significant relationship" to the dispute, the law of the forum with the most significant relationship to a privileged communication determines the existence and scope of the privilege.
confronted with a situation similar to that outlined above, considered whether, in an involuntary civil commitment hearing pursuant to the statute governing commitment of dangerous persons, a patient's privileged communication with his psychotherapist is waived where the patient is not in custody, and in the psychotherapist's opinion, poses an imminent risk of harm to others or to himself.