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Noun1.professional wrestling - wrestling for money
sport - the occupation of athletes who compete for pay
rassling, wrestling, grappling - the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down
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According to 16-time WWE championship and Patriots fan John Cena, "Gronk" has a future in pro-wrestling.
ISLAMABAD -- The third event of World Heavy Weight Pro-Wrestling Competition is schedule to be held in Islamabad on Sunday evening (today).
KARACHI -- 20 international wrestlers, including former WWE star Wade Barrett, have arrived in Pakistan to showcase their skills to Pakistani fans and entertain them with some top level pro-wrestling competition.
ill-fated pro-wrestling career, his finishing move-unleashed from the
All is set to change when, with the help of his friends Mouse and Floss, Jake secretly enters George in an American pro-wrestling competition, Grapplemania.
Chris Thompson ENTERTAINMENT: North East pro-wrestling fans got a taste of the big time at the Metro Radio Arena as WWE superstars performed in their backyard.
Jake persuades George to apply to enter a pro-wrestling competition in the USA, but things don't quite turn out the way he expected.
Levesque, WWE Executive vice president but better known by his in-ring name Triple H, is no stranger to success with the WWE: a 13-time world champion with the organization with a pro-wrestling career spanning two decades, he is regarded as one of the finest performers in the pro-wrestling industry, so his opinion carries a lot of weight.
DOHA QATAR Pro Wrestling (QPW), Qatar's first pro-wrestling board, in partnership with Hyatt Plaza and Global Entertainments, will host its first ever professional wrestling championship at the Hyatt Plaza from October 3.
Leaving readers wanting more, "Undisputed" is a strong pick for those who want to understand pro-wrestling from one of its smartest minds.
Her prints of "fat men flying through the air" are a witty tribute to the popular tradition of pro-wrestling in Mexico.
Pro-wrestling has a long history of orchestrating rivalries between crowd favourites and villains.