v. i.1.See Approach.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Then, when she came out again, after he had parted with her in anger, he would watch out of the corner of his eyes for the least sign of encouragement to ap- proach the iron railings and resume his fatherly and patronising relations.
The news that the regiment had been re- proached went along the line.
We dismounted, and left our thanks once more for my lord, and then ap- proached a crowd assembled in the center of the square, to see what might be the object of interest.
proach asks community agencies to collaborate, communicate, and facilitate together a change in a serving system.
Central to the company's success has been their ap- proach to co-developing solutions and investing into what he calls demand creation.
She not only promotes a global ap- proach to education, but a modern vi- sion which will prepare students in an age of rapidly-advancing technology.
ars d r The arrears were reduced by another Jones penalty, but from the restart constanpressure the home pack saw them approach the red zone good ball retention they created the space required t by ack proach e and with for Grieves to waltz through and score and afford Foulkes the added extras once again.
In 2017, one would expect brands to take a more sensitive ap- proach to ensuring that their campaigns have no negative racial implications.
Over the last 10 years, one thought- provoking trend in particular has emerged: smaller funds have notice- ably outperformed large funds, dem- onstrating a shift in focus and ap- proach for many private equity fund managers.
Barakat adds, "Octal has invested and will continue to invest in a phased ap- proach to capture end-use applications, where the next generation PET becomes the optimal solution when compared to applications with other polymers."
Because the speed on ap- proach is set, the pilot experiences a stabilized approach, with consistent control responsiveness/effective-ness--that's important.