v. i.1.See Approach.
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Then, when she came out again, after he had parted with her in anger, he would watch out of the corner of his eyes for the least sign of encouragement to ap- proach the iron railings and resume his fatherly and patronising relations.
It proposes a generic, system-level ap proach to warfare and subsequent nation building that challenges traditional military planning, which usually centers on "the battle" and views nation building strictly as the domain of civil authorities.
In the opinion of the consultancy company Frost & Sullivan, this bottom-up a p proach was worth the "New Product Innovation Leadership Award" .
The key point is that Enterprise Zones are very uch embedded and aligned with our wider proach to the economy and as such we will ntinue to give consideration as to whether ere is a specific need for additional types of pport.
In 2008 five friend teachers, a commun and a youth worker, the organisation, poexpertise to work win a disadvantaged They started by o cost tutoring before they needed a holis proach.
some of the small but amental expenses ost small businesses owners about their proach to dealing with en compared to whathem and illustrated shopping around, iers or negotiating hings like energy, and petrol, savings dreds of pounds.
What has pleased him more, says the Catalan, is the way both have adapted to his new expansive aps proach of playing from the back - and seeing plenty more of the ball - without losing their stead-fast solidity.
2011), "Dropping out of Higher Education in France: a Micro-Economic Ap proach Using Survival Analysis.
Speaking about upcoming events in the night sky they said that "the most important event is to take place in November when the newly discovered comet ISON will make its closest appe proach to the sun.
Thus, scaling up must involve more than the spread of the surface-level aspects of a new ap proach, such as the routines, activities, and materials associated with it.
Productivity Growth and Standard of Living: An Empirical Ap proach
com)-- Pulse is proud to announce the official publication of To be Maria, a compelling Young Adult tale of learning to navigate the difficult road to ultimate self-discovery, by Deanna Proach.