probability density function

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probability density function

(Statistics) statistics a function representing the relative distribution of frequency of a continuous random variable from which parameters such as its mean and variance can be derived and having the property that its integral from a to b is the probability that the variable lies in this interval. Its graph is the limiting case of a histogram as the amount of data increases and the class intervals decrease in size. Also called: density function Compare cumulative distribution function, frequency distribution

probabil′ity den`sity func`tion

1. a function of a continuous variable whose integral over a region gives the probability that a random variable falls within the region.
2. a function of a discrete variable whose sum over a discrete set gives the probability of occurrence of a specified value.
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To solve for turbulent flow without closely associated defferent dynamical mechanics, a probability density function method is adopted to describe the pulsating intensity of velocity of fluid particles in this study.
The reverse Hazard rate function was determined as the relation among the probability density function and it's confirming distribution function.
As mentioned, we should average expression for conditional SEP over the probability density function (PDF) of the fading channel amplitude for applied modulation format.
Figure 1 show the graph of the gamma[(1 - Exp)/Exp] distribution probability density functions and cumulative distribution, for some values of the parameters.
Estimation of wind energy potential using different probability density functions.
The summation layer chiefly sums the probability of a given sample being corresponded to a certain class, aiming to calculate the probability density function of each class using the given training examples.
Rice [6] described the probability density function of peak values for a narrowband process follows a Rayleigh distribution.
The radiation models have been coupled with two combustion models: the transported probability density function method and well-mixed model for turbulent reactive flows and soot, therefore capturing turbulence-chemistry-soot-radiation interactions.
n]) be a random sample of size n having the probability density function (1) and the likelihood function (2).
The number of received photons is a stochastic process which obeys the nonhomogeneous Poisson process [17]; the Probability Density Function (PDF) is shown in
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the marginal probability density function (PDF) and c(u) is the joint PDF of the copula function denoted as follows:

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