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v. t.1.To propose problems.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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To date, such an exchange has not taken place." I believe that Lumsden is entirely correct to point out that Hegel's attempt to problematize the post-Kantian account of subjectivity (and also to problematize the related dualism of concept and intuition in Kant and Fichte) is quite similar to attempts by Derrida and Deleuze to problematize what they regard as the questionable metaphysics of presence and metaphysics of subjectivity in Hegel.
The chapters state and problematize the narratives, and hold together to reimagine Bali via the creativity of its contemporary artists.
They have been organized into sections that problematize and develop the concept of transnational law; explore the legal consequences of specific technological and scientific developments; analyze hybridization within regulatory networks; analyze horizontal hybridization in relation to the public/private distinction; and explore the consequences of this double hybridization for conflicts of law and constitutional approaches to transnational law in relation to custom, conflict of laws, and constitutionalism.
They can turn diversity into a question in order to problematize systemic practices of inequity.
Action research, at its core, promises to problematize uncontested "colonial" hegemonies of any form.
I do not think there is one simple answer, but I do think it is useful to complicate and problematize the idea of the vernacular precisely because of the world in which we live.
His agenda, more or less spelled out in his own essay, seems to be to "problematize" the elite or popular framework.
He makes innovative use of subtitles and intertitles to problematize reception.
Covering the early portion of the period under study, the readings selected Brunton (history of medicine, The Open U., UK) include excerpts from primary sources and more recent research and are meant to illustrate and problematize issues discussed more fully in the companion volume of essays entitled The Healing Arts: Health, Disease, and Society in Europe, 1800-1930.
Rather than focus on the content of reflection, this framework examines the ways in which preservice teachers "problematize" their teaching within the reflective action (see Table 1).
If one is able to plow through dense and turgid academic jargon, replete with words like "problematize," "deprivilegize," and "literalize," one might find some rather astute insights.
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