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Just as positive models assume away collective choice problems, they do not account for the myriad ways agencies can evade procedural control (or at least make it more difficult) when they make policy.
Taken together, the multiplicity of principals, the difficulty of evaluating outcomes, and the expense of cleaning up after the fact point naturally to procedural control.
My model incorporates the notion that the efficacy of procedural control is conditional on many facets of the political environment.
The newly updated Liberator locking stylet is designed to offer physicians greater procedural control by helping them optimize the position of the Liberator locking stylet within the lead" said Lou Goode, global leader of Cook's Lead Management business unit.
Physicians who have used the Valiant system say they are impressed with the options in terms of available configurations, the procedural control that the new Xcelerant(R) Delivery System provides, and improvements in flexibility.
The use of an ultra-short, 185-cm Fusion wire guide adds to procedural control while increasing efficiency.
A special procedural control zone accompanies each test kit to confirm the test was run correctly.
Each well includes one user-defined target, three housekeeping genes and one procedural control to ensure assay quality.
The BTA stat test has a built-in procedural control line which verifies that the test has been performed correctly.
The Commander series of guidewires offers the physician complete procedural control.
The IQCP template for the ROTEM is a synopsis of the engineering, internal, and procedural control features, submitted as recommendations to consider during the risk assessment period.