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Noun1.Procellariiformes - petrels; albatrosses; shearwaters; diving petrels
animal order - the order of animals
Aves, class Aves - (ornithology) the class of birds
procellariiform seabird - large long-winged bird with hooked bill and tubular nostrils that wanders the open seas
family Procellariidae, Procellariidae - petrels; fulmars; shearwaters;
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Light attraction in endangered procellariiform birds: Reduction by shielding upward radiation.
Nevitt's previous research has focused largely on a group known as the procellariiform seabirds, which include albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters.
Olfactory foraging by Antarctic procellariiform seabirds: life at high Reynolds numbers.
Dimethyl sulfide as a foraging cue for Antarctic procellariiform seabirds.
longline fishery off South Africa on procellariiform seabirds.
Procellariiform birds (albatrosses, petrels, etc.) have acquired a further adaptation, favored by their fat-rich diet: Their stomach has a special chamber where the food is partially digested to increase its density.
The 18 bird genera chosen represent the majority of procellariiform and sphenisciform genera found in the New Zealand region.
Overall, procellariiform chicks have a typical growth curve for mass, with a period of rapid increase up to a peak, which occurs in Wandering Albatrosses at [tilde]28 wk, followed by a period of slow decrease until fledging (Warham 1990).
Sensory ecology on the high seas: the odor world of the procellariiform seabirds.
1C), a procellariiform bird homing in on a potential source of food, and a salmon orienting to its native stream all must move against the mean direction of fluid flow, and all make turns during their upstream progress (the latter two examples are illustrated in fig.