Process plate

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Proc´ess plate

1.A plate prepared by a mechanical process, esp. a photomechanical process.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The patient then underwent ASF with iliac crest autograft at the L1-2 disc space and posterior spine fusion with a spinous process plate. Thirteen months after the final surgery, he was asymptomatic, and the plain radiographs showed bony fusion at the L1-2 level (Figure 6).
As part of his four-year apprenticeship as a machinist for Sheffield Forgemasters his job is to help produce steel rolls used to process plate metal in industries such as car manufacturing.
Cyrel DFUV is a thermal process plate that comes to color quickly and prints smooth and dense solids, without compromising dot gain, highlights and resolution.
Veidekke will build a cast test pool, as well as an equipment room and a process plate at Statoil's K-lab in the Kaarsto industrial facility in the Norwegian municipality of Tysvar.
The order covers stainless steel process plate heat exchangers of different capacities.
"We have now got a thermal- process plate" that uses no solvent, said Bodwell, formerly of Crosfield Electronics and earlier with weekly newspapers in New Jersey and California.
"The public should not in any way be burdened by what is clearly a product of the LTO's and the plate contractor's failure to deliver and process plates on new vehicles," he said.
Meanwhile, the Albany Herald (Gray Publishing) in Georgia became the 100th customer for Kodak's PF-N Non Process Plates. "We made the decision ...
The company's process plates bars in enclosed machines, which permit tight control over emissions from the process, Dodge said.
3) Faster plating rates than existing technology - The Genesis process plates 20 - 25% Faster than many competitive processes so increases in throughput can be realised in plating plants (provided that the plant can cope with the faster processing time).
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