process server

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proc′ess serv`er

a person who serves subpoenas or other legal documents, esp. those requiring appearance in court.
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The process server called Montes, who refused to provide his current location.
Tenders are invited for Process Server for the Office of Children, Youth and Families
Winder said it was a "weird thing" to e-file cases under the attorney's credentials--using the attorney's login information instead of the process server's--because the process server is still doing the filing.
Well established Process Server w/ nationwide clients servicing mainly the Central Florida.
As a process server, it's Rebecca's job to hand deliver legal documents to the people involved in court cases.
Our front-page story two weeks ago--a reader favorite, if Web traffic is a good indicator--about a veteran process server and his search for bond scammer Kevin Lewis has caused some heartburn for another veteran process server whose name is, you guessed it, Kevin Lewis.
Washington, February 26 (ANI): Pop diva Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend, photographer Adnan Ghalib, has surrendered to face felony charges for allegedly trying to run over a process server, who was attempting to serve a restraining order obtained by the singer's father.
a process server formerly at 300 Garden City Plaza, has leased 2,382 s/f; New Partners, Inc.
In the business management portion of the book, the author emphasizes that the private process server must be adept at reading the operational environment, behavior clues, neighborhood dynamics, and the predictable nature of people.
He is still just barely getting by as a private eye, with occasional fees as a process server.
At her farewell party Monday, the deputy city manager dumped a glass of beer over the process server who handed her a copy of a harassment lawsuit naming her as a defendant, the man's attorney said Thursday.
Robertson also has apparently avoided any penalty for trying to resist a process server attempting to deliver papers in the lawsuit.