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Noun1.processing time - the time it takes to complete a prescribed procedureprocessing time - the time it takes to complete a prescribed procedure; "they increased output by decreasing processing time"
interval, time interval - a definite length of time marked off by two instants
command overhead, command processing overhead, command processing overhead time, overhead - (computer science) the processing time required by a device prior to the execution of a command
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Two sets of experiments test twenty sets of data for each topology and we then analyze the effect of changes made to the number of threads assigned to the three/four components on the throughput of the Storm system and the processing delay for a given a certain number of Workers.
Grace Poe, who chairs the Senate Committee on Public Services, wondered whether the processing delay was intentional.
All embedded audio--which is free from disturbances even when dropping and adding frame--is extracted and delayed automatically to match the video processing delay.
The processing delay is also classified into three types (i.e., processing delay at Sensor level ([t.sub.s]), Actuator level ([t.sub.a]), Controller level ([t.sub.c]).).
Five performance indicators were calculated for this study: specimen rejection rate, median processing delay, percentage of laboratory-abandoned specimens, percentage of provider-abandoned specimens (see Table 1), and percentage of relabeled specimens subsequently determined to not be from the intended patient (wrong specimen in container).
If our brains couldn't make up for this visual processing delay, we'd be constantly hit by balls, cars and more.
Experimental Results Mean CCT without Pre-Selection 3.14 Sec Mean CCT with Channel Pre-Selection 1.93 Sec Mean CCT Reduction by Pre-Selection 1.21 Sec This mean time reduction shown in Table 1 minus the fixed round trip Network Delay of 1198 msec left approximately 12 msec remaining to account for the IGMP Processing delay on the otherwise unloaded layer 3 device.
Functionality with Facebook is enabled via Facebook's chat service and allows users to communicate in different languages with outstanding clarity and minimal translation processing delay.
For example, a failure rate or a processing delay that is to be reduced can be taken in its reciprocal respectively as a mean time between failure or a completion rate that is to be increased.
It works in real time with only a 200 millisecond processing delay. It reduces interference caused by a variety of equipment, atmospheric conditions, and other sources, including receivers, wire and radio links, tape recorders, automobile ignitions, and power-line hums.
After customers said that they were facing issues in withdrawing money from their bank, the bank acknowledged that it was experiencing a 'systems processing delay.' Customers said that while their accounts reflected their bank balances, they were not able to withdraw funds.
For example, the average processing delay increases in performance by decreasing the average processing delay, measured in milliseconds, from 3 msec at t=l, to 1.03 msec at t=5, to exceeding the TPM threshold (of 1 msec) with a measured performance of 0.98 msec at the sixth time period.

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