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a.1.Of or pertaining to procrastination; dilatory.
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Procrastination and depression from a cognitive perspective: An exploration of the associations among procrastinatory automatic thoughts, rumination, and mindfulness.
However, as far as solution provision is concerned, they fell back on the age-old Kenyan procrastinatory technique of creating an office, staffing it with bureaucrats and waiting for their reports that we can then debate endlessly until the next election comes along.The longer we take without being told the specifics of the joint programme, the more likely we are to slide back into our Kenyan routine characterised by a mosquito's memory and elephantine rage, a very lethal combination.
The game lost any sense of momentum, he said, while decisions were reviewed, and football should be a freeflowing, fluid spectacle, unhindered by the demands of procrastinatory technology.
I realized this morning--as I was somewhat anxiously pacing around my computer in a procrastinatory dance that I'm certain he would have chuckled at--that I was thinking of calling Ross on the phone.
Procrastination automatic thoughts as a personality construct: An analysis of the procrastinatory cognitions inventory.
Lower levels of mood and energy also may have detrimental effects on engagement and performance due to lack of motivation and procrastinatory behaviours.
Effects of ability, high school achievement, and procrastinatory behavior on college performance.