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n.1.A prodrome.
2.A preliminary course or publication; - used esp. in the titles of elementary works.
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Then, there are the Prodromus whales of the old Scotch Sibbald, and Jonah's whale, as depicted in the prints of old Bibles and the cuts of old primers.
In Prodromus Florian Norfolk (1833) he named plants for the collector and Austrian botanical illustrator Ferdinand Bauer (1760-1826), (Zehneria baueriana).
Prodromus Bryologiae Novo-Granatensis Biblioteca "Jose Geronimo Triana" 12: 1-924.
Prodromus systematis naturalis regni vegetabilis, sive, Enumeratio contracta ordinum generum specierumque plantarum hue usque cognitarium, juxta methodi naturalis, normas digesta auctore Aug.
Prodromus bryologiae Novo-Granatensis: introduccion a la flora de Musgos de Colombia.
Prodromo: (Del latin prodromus, y este del griego [pro eantes deE + dromos 'arrera']: precursor, que precede):
His research on fossils included his exploration of how solid objects could be found inside one another, which was published in his 1669 dissertation Prodromus.