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Any of various drugs that are administered in an inactive form and converted into active form by normal metabolic processes.


(Biochemistry) a compound that is itself biologically inactive but is metabolized in the body to produce an active therapeutic drug



an inactive substance that is converted to a drug within the body by the action of enzymes or other chemicals.
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Both CLX-106 and CLX-103 utilize the proprietary Synergix drug delivery platform, which generates novel prodrugs of approved therapies and conjugates them with long chain fatty acids.
The patent, entitled "Benzoic acid, benzoic acid derivatives and heteroaryl carboxylic acid conjugates of hydromorphone, prodrugs, methods of making and use thereof.
In his thesis 'Upconverting Nanovesicles for the Activation of Ruthenium Anti-Cancer Prodrugs with Red Light', Askes describes a clever combination of materials and techniques for a new approach in photochemical cancer therapy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 13, 2017-Biohaven awarded US Notice Of Allowance for patent for glutamate modulating prodrugs
Summary: Macromolecular prodrugs (MPDs) of mefenamic acid were designed onto a cellulose ether derivative hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) as ester conjugates.
Prodrugs are useful in targeting therapies to the right place in the body.
Indianapolis, IN), an emerging leader in small molecule cancer therapies addressing critical cell signaling pathways, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued PI-3 kinase inhibitor prodrugs, United States Patent No.
The company says that a study in mice showed that administering cancer prodrugs using PHB microspheres led to higher antitumor effects against leukemia than free prodrugs.
The therapy, known as Adept, uses the ability of an enzyme to turn other- wise harmless mole- cules, or prodrugs, into cell-killing drugs.
Merck has paid an execution fee to Metabasis and will fund it's efforts to synthesize suitable HepDirect prodrugs of the Merck HCV compounds.
Prodrugs may improve the properties of drug therapies by increasing their efficacy, optimizing their dosage, and reducing adverse effects.
Prodrugs are analogs of active drugs that have been developed to improve the bioavailability and/or tolerability of the latter.