Produce race

Prod´uce race

1.(Horse Racing) A race to be run by the produce of horses named or described at the time of entry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The tracks signed to SIS have questioned the amount being sought and, led by Central Park consultant Barry Stanton, have been vocal in criticising the fact that Bags owns the system in the first place, given that it is necessary to produce race cards.
The purpose of the USATF course certification program is to produce race courses of accurately measured distances.
Auto Business News-June 23, 2014--Renault plans to produce race car equipped with NISMO engine
For Tambellini, blackness was a mobile condition with multiple registers, and one of these was as a figure of de-essentialization and suspension in which signals (for example, the socially constructed signals that produce race) can never rigidly cohere into image.
The first day of the auction is likely to include all the engineering equipment required to produce race cars for the 12 chassis that are either completed or part assembled.
While this has the potential to produce race totals totaling more than one-hundred percent it will provide a richer set of data with which to reflect the diversity which exists in the United States.
They included victory in the 1822 Great Riddlesworth Stakes at Calcutta, named after the valuable produce race at Newmarket.
"Komen's mission is not to produce races - it's to save lives and end breast cancer forever," he said.
Bicycling Hall of Fame Board of Directors, and he continues to coach and produce races across the country.