package deal

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إتِّفاقيَّة الصَّفْقَه
souhrnná transakce
súbor návrhov na prerokovanie

package deal

n (Comm) → offerta f tutto compreso inv


(ˈpӕkidʒ) noun
things wrapped up and tied (for posting etc); a parcel. a package of books.
to wrap up into a package. He packaged (up) the clothes.
ˈpackage deal noun
a set of proposals that must all be accepted together by all the parties to an agreement.
package holiday, package tour
a holiday or tour for which one pays the organizer a fixed price which includes everything (travel, hotel, food etc). It is cheaper to go on a package holiday.
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House Bill 8301 calls for transparency, responsible pricing, privacy rights protection and product bundling measures, Ong, author of the bill, said.
"In addition, our movie-linked, softer promotional lineup in June and July did not match the traffic that was driven by product bundling in the summer of 2016.
Deanne Stewart said that product bundling in group insurance could lead to super fund members paying for unnecessary cover.
Organized by typical marketing questions and focusing on consumers, chapters discuss regression and factor analysis; the industry and data uniqueness of retail; understanding and estimating demand; price elasticity and discounts; value marketing communications; forecasting future demand; targeting the right customers; maximizing the impact of mailing; product bundling; estimating time of purchase; investigating the time of product purchase; increasing customer lifetime value; modeling transactions; quantifying the complexity of customer behavior; designing loyalty programs and identifying loyal customers; segmentation; creating targeted messages; recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis vs.
In the enhanced regulatory framework, we clarify and delineate the roles and functions of microinsurance regular agents, brokers and distribution channels, while providing guidelines for product bundling and sharing of risks among local and foreign insurance entities, he added.
It will also feature product bundling. PayPal will also be available for users to purchase Faber's products.
Irfan said product bundling has also resulted in multiple, complex and unclear products being presented to a customer from a billing perspective, adding that however, under the new tagline, Talkshawk will reinforce its approach towards clarity and transparency, reflecting exactly what is being offered i.e.
Banks apply different relationship pricing models including product bundling, behavior- and time-based pricing, and personalized pricing to a diverse customer base which suits their individual banking requirements and willingness to pay.

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