package deal

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إتِّفاقيَّة الصَّفْقَه
souhrnná transakce
súbor návrhov na prerokovanie

package deal

n (Comm) → offerta f tutto compreso inv


(ˈpӕkidʒ) noun
things wrapped up and tied (for posting etc); a parcel. a package of books.
to wrap up into a package. He packaged (up) the clothes.
ˈpackage deal noun
a set of proposals that must all be accepted together by all the parties to an agreement.
package holiday, package tour
a holiday or tour for which one pays the organizer a fixed price which includes everything (travel, hotel, food etc). It is cheaper to go on a package holiday.
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Market participants need to adopt innovative strategies such as product bundling to increase sales of products that currently have small markets.
An emerging possibility lies in product bundling that extends across network architectures and application generations.
The solution enables billing for Cable One's new voice service and provides flexibility to introduce dynamic promotional plans with ' free- minutes' for specific destinations along with value added services and product bundling options.
He will drive key partner initiatives in the areas of technology integration, product bundling, and joint marketing-selling programs.

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