Profiling machine

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a jigging machine.

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Zytronic has also added five new direct write electrode machines, a new automated laminator and an additional CNC machine, a computer-controlled glass profiling machine which means it can extend the range of customisations it offers.
To bring in work that it had outsourced, in 2015 Birmingham Prototypes added a five-axis laser profiling machine from Trumpf ( to its shop floor.
The steel fabrication firm, which specialises in manholes and drainage access, has installed a new German-built Trumpf laser-cutting and profiling machine which it says will help it deliver improved quality and the opportunity to develop current products and future designs.
Who: Engineering firm Emotec has boosted the performance of a tram wheel profiling machine used by the Zurich public transport organisation VBZ by retrofitting it with a lathing capability and CNC system from NUM.
On display at the Friulmac booth (Biesse America), the Contourmat Plus double end-cut profiling machine has a redesigned base frame and feed system for maximum precision when processing components.
One was the dual pallets on the QM-22Aapcs, another was the chip conveyor systems on both the VM-40SAs and the QM-22Aapcs, a third was VM-40SA's capability as a profiling machine since profiling was critical to the medical part the company produced.
North Staffordshire is playing an important role in the launch of a new DNA profiling machine thanks to the expertise of a local engineering firm.
Laser Profiles, based at Cross Point Business Park, Coventry, has invested more than Pounds 3.5 million during the past year, most recently on a second laser profiling machine.
To support its new subcontracting service, Beakbane has re-equipped its sheet metal operation with a new Trumpf 3030 laser profiling machine and two LVD 3m CNC Easy Form laser press brakes.