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n.1.Defeat; rout; overthrow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I think we need to take a look at speed cameras and see how we make them more effective rather than a simple profligation of recording devices.
One of the more memorable quotations from a review on the ceramic sculpture of Gudrun Baudisch, Wieselthier's apprentice and protegee in the Werkstatte ceramics workshop, summarizes the idea that ceramic sculpture was nothing more than a flirtatious, but ultimately empty, profligation. "[C]eramic sculpture can not really be a bearer of ideas...playing with the forms of plastic expression ...
The gruesome and distended head, tongue flapping hideously askew, still cannot believe its own imminent demise and, spitting, splatters forth the final lines from its magnum opus, "Original Sin"--" A high girl grinning goofy/a night of prayer, hoss"--and SSPRRAAAANNGGGGG, the ax severs the remaining torso from the silver tongue to the Prick de Roma, freeing an explosion of pent-up flatulence de liter-raritee and driving all students and faculty from the corridors of Miz Campbell's Ole Main Goldberg Gymnasium for the Profligation of the Arts and Sciences and Good Li'l Girlz.
In this midst of all this profligation, Baros actually showed exactly how it should be done, with as cool a finish as you will see all season.