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An immunosuppressive drug produced by the actinomycete Streptomyces tsukubaensis, C44H69NO12, used in combination with corticosteroids to prevent rejection of organ transplants.

[t(sukubaensis), specific epithet (after Mount Tsukuba, Japan, near which the actinomycete was discovered) + (m)acrol(ide) im(m)u(no)s(uppressant).]


n tacrolimus m, tacrolimús m (INN)
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At the event, other Canon technologies on display included the large-format printers imagePrograf TX-4000, image Prograf iPF770 and the image Prograf Pro-2000.
Meanwhile, Astellas UK failed to include accurate prescribing information on both Vesicare (solifenacin) and Prograf (tacrolimus) in a large number of its promotional materials over a significant portion of time.
Coordination for the DP connection to existing BACnet management system (Neuberger Prograf NT, services not scope of services), IP network is provided on-site, IP doses and switches per ISP by GA.
Armodafinil * Nuvigil Atomoxetine * Strattera Cyclosporlne * Sandimmune Dextroamphetamine * Dexedrine, ProCentra Lithium * Eskalith, Lithobid Methylphenldate * Concerta, Ritalin Modafinil * Provigil Tacrolimus * Protopic, Hecoria, Prograf Venlafaxine * Effexor
Prograf is an antirejection medication used after an organ transplant to reduce the risk of organ rejection.
To keep his body from rejecting his new kidney, Mharick has been taking two maintenance medicines, Prograf (taken thrice a day) and Cellcept (once a day), which cost P220.
Data from two Phase III trials were pooled (Envarsus XR n=428; Prograf n=433) and several pre-specified subgroup analyses were conducted;
LCP-Tacro met all safety and efficacy endpoint in the study, which tested the product's effect on stable kidney-transplant patients in comparison with Prograf (tacrolimus) of Japanese Astellas Pharma Inc (TYO: 4503), the company said.
Prograf is used to suppress the immune system and prevent the rejection of transplanted livers, kidneys, and hearts.
GMG has announced the launch of a proofing system comprising of Canon's brand-new image PROGRAF iPF8300/iPF6350/iPF6300 inkjet printers, and supported by GMG ColorProof, GMG FlexoProof XG and GMG DotProof XG contone and halftone proofing systems.
Barclays Capital downgraded the drug maker's investment rating on its loss in market share for the immune system drug Prograf.
District Court judge in Concord--is against Musgrave and his company, Prograf Digital Service, the Kentucky-based distributor of VIM Technologies, an Israeli firm.