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1. The process of driving or propelling.
2. A driving or propelling force.

[Medieval Latin prōpulsiō, prōpulsiōn-, onslaught, urging on, from Latin prōpulsus, past participle of prōpellere, to drive forward; see propel.]

pro·pul′sive, pro·pul′so·ry (-sə-rē) adj.
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Adj.1.propulsive - having the power to propel; "propulsive coefficient"
2.propulsive - tending to or capable of propelling; "propellant fuel for submarines"; "the faster a jet plane goes the greater its propulsive efficiency"; "universities...the seats of propulsive thought"
dynamic, dynamical - characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality; "a dynamic market"; "a dynamic speaker"; "the dynamic president of the firm"
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The main prokinetic agent, metoclopramide, works much better in liquid form than in pill form, he said.
These results suggest that HKT improves delayed gastric emptying and acts as a prokinetic agent.
Pharmacologic options include laxatives, prokinetic drugs, and other therapies.
I would also consider adding a prokinetic agent, because reflux is more of an esophageal motility problem, not an acid problem.
In addition to antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, it is possible that extraluminal manifestations of GERD (wheezing) were being ameliorated by the prokinetic action (enhanced gastric emptying) of the macrolide antibiotic.
The combination of the prokinetic medication cisapride and the antidepressants fluvoxamine and nefazodone is of particular concern.
Cisapride is a substituted benzamide compound that stimulates motor activity in all segments of the gastrointestinal tract by enhancing the release of acetylcholine from the enteric nervous system Actions at enteric neuronal serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine-[5-HT]) receptors have been implied in the prokinetic effects of cisapride.
Peter Stein, Chairman and CEO of Norgine said, "There is a critical need for a new, safe and effective prokinetic drug for use in acute care settings, as there are no satisfactory treatments on the market.
He had initial feeding difficulties with intermittent vomiting which responded to prokinetic agents.
Medical Futures is focused on gastroenterology, pain control and women's heath with products including Florastor, an anti-diarrheal probiotic, Iberogast, an all natural prokinetic medicine containing nine herbal extracts, Mutaflor, a probiotic that normalises stool frequency and consistency in both diarrhea and constipation, and Proferrin, an iron supplement.
Initial treatment is with lifestyle modifications and proton pump inhibitors; prokinetic medications may be required in selected patients.