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n. Greek Mythology
An Athenian princess who avenged the betrayal and cruelty of her husband, Tereus, by killing their son. She and her sister Philomela were changed into a swallow and a nightingale as Tereus pursued them.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a princess of Athens, who punished her husband for raping her sister Philomela by feeding him the flesh of their son. She was changed at her death into a swallow. See Philomela


(ˈprɒk ni)
(in Greek myth) the sister of Philomela and wife of Tereus: while fleeing her enraged husband, she was transformed by the gods into a nightingale (or a swallow, in later versions).
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Nothing is mentioned about her emotions and she seems to be kidnapped rather joyously, which makes a clear contrast to the mixed emotions of her maidens (1,1,17), Andromeda (3,7,2) and Prometheus (3,8,7), and Philomela and Prokne (5,3,7).
While the Hoopoe's wife, Prokne (Susan Zelinsky), croons a tone, a pile of white balloons is unloosed from a net above the square stage.