Prolate ellipsoid

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(Geom.) (Geom.), a figure generated by the revolution of an ellipse about its major axis. Contrasted with oblate spheroid. See Ellipsoid of revolution, under Ellipsoid.

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The perfectly oblate strain ellipsoid is common in the shear zone that deformed underwent flattening strain and perfectly prolate ellipsoid developed under constructional strain regime (Fossen and Cavalcante, 2017; Mookerjee and Peek, 2014).
(a) Prolate ellipsoid with circular cross section with diameter a and prolonged radius b.
Before removing the ultrasound probe at the end of the procedure, the prostate was again visualized to search for any signs of hematoma, and then prostate volume was calculated using the formula for a prolate ellipsoid (width x length x height x 0.52).
It is shown that the use of analytical solutions for conductive prolate ellipsoid leads to substantial error at placement of levels of maximum intensity near the tops of the rods.
Consider a prolate ellipsoid with [a.sub.1] > [a.sub.2] = [a.sub.3].
Since [[beta].sub.A, i] + [[beta].sub.C, i] is smaller than [2.sup.*][[beta].sub.b, i] for all the external cells of the cluster and considering the rotational symmetry of the cluster with respect to the z-axis, we expect that the resulting lens shape is a prolate ellipsoid with two identical axes on the x-y plane and the longer axis on the z-axis (see Fig.
However, a fiber can be approximated by a prolate ellipsoid for which the polarizability can be solved analytically.