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also pro·log  (prō′lôg′, -lŏg′)
1. An introduction or preface, especially a poem recited to introduce a play.
2. An introduction or introductory chapter, as to a novel.
3. An introductory act, event, or period.

[Middle English prolog, from Old French prologue, from Latin prologus, from Greek prologos : pro-, before; see pro-2 + logos, speech; see leg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈprəʊlɒɡ) or


(Computer Science) a computer programming language based on mathematical logic
[C20: from pro(gramming in) log(ic)]
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Past participle: prologed
Gerund: prologing

I prolog
you prolog
he/she/it prologs
we prolog
you prolog
they prolog
I prologed
you prologed
he/she/it prologed
we prologed
you prologed
they prologed
Present Continuous
I am prologing
you are prologing
he/she/it is prologing
we are prologing
you are prologing
they are prologing
Present Perfect
I have prologed
you have prologed
he/she/it has prologed
we have prologed
you have prologed
they have prologed
Past Continuous
I was prologing
you were prologing
he/she/it was prologing
we were prologing
you were prologing
they were prologing
Past Perfect
I had prologed
you had prologed
he/she/it had prologed
we had prologed
you had prologed
they had prologed
I will prolog
you will prolog
he/she/it will prolog
we will prolog
you will prolog
they will prolog
Future Perfect
I will have prologed
you will have prologed
he/she/it will have prologed
we will have prologed
you will have prologed
they will have prologed
Future Continuous
I will be prologing
you will be prologing
he/she/it will be prologing
we will be prologing
you will be prologing
they will be prologing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been prologing
you have been prologing
he/she/it has been prologing
we have been prologing
you have been prologing
they have been prologing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been prologing
you will have been prologing
he/she/it will have been prologing
we will have been prologing
you will have been prologing
they will have been prologing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been prologing
you had been prologing
he/she/it had been prologing
we had been prologing
you had been prologing
they had been prologing
I would prolog
you would prolog
he/she/it would prolog
we would prolog
you would prolog
they would prolog
Past Conditional
I would have prologed
you would have prologed
he/she/it would have prologed
we would have prologed
you would have prologed
they would have prologed
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Noun1.Prolog - a computer language designed in Europe to support natural language processing
programing language, programming language - (computer science) a language designed for programming computers
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It is a commonplace to say that the Prolog to 'The Canterbury Tales' presents in its twenty portraits virtually every contemporary English class except the very lowest, made to live forever in the finest series of character sketches preserved anywhere in literature; and in his other work the same power appears in only less conspicuous degree.
First in time among his poems of these years stands 'The Legend of Good Women,' a series of romantic biographies of famous ladies of classical legend and history, whom it pleases Chaucer to designate as martyrs of love; but more important than the stories themselves is the Prolog, where he chats with delightful frankness about his own ideas and tastes.
His mind and eye were keen, besides, for moral qualities; he penetrated directly through all the pretenses of falsehood and hypocrisy; while how thoroughly he understood and respected honest worth appears in the picture of the Poor Parson in the Prolog to 'The Canterbury Tales.' Himself quiet and self-contained, moreover, Chaucer was genial and sympathetic toward all mankind.
Meridian authorized reseller ProjectAIMS has jointly developed with Meridian a Chinese localized version of Prolog Manager and Prolog WebSite.
For the sake of demonstration, I would like to frame a simple problem and solution that illustrate the individual strengths of Perl and Prolog, respectively.
Over a 10 years he helped Prolog increase its market share from pounds 10m to pounds 30m.
Smith will work with Prolog to identify, screen and negotiate opportunities for investment in Arkansas-based life science companies.
"We are excited to bring Prolog LT to customers who might not otherwise use professional project management tools," said MPS president and cofounder, John Bodrozic.
On the other hand, we were relatively new to Prolog. Fuchi (Keio University), a few other researchers from ETL, and I, began a joint research project on logic programming in late 1976.
Prolog has an easy-to-use editor for writing programs and a very fast compiler that converts the written program to the machine language of the computer.
Together, Santrio and Prolog have developed a service for QuickBooks-based clients that seamlessly shares data between the client's QuickBooks database, Santrio's Open for Business[TM] on-line sales order management system, and ProLog's ProWares Warehouse Management System (WMS).
The design of KL0 could be based on Prolog, which was quite stable when the FGCS project started.