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1. Greek Mythology Relating to or suggestive of Prometheus.
2. Boldly creative; defiantly original.
One who is boldy creative or defiantly original in behavior or actions.


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) of or relating to Prometheus
2. creative, original, or life-enhancing
a person who resembles Prometheus


(prəˈmi θi ən)

1. of or suggestive of Prometheus.
2. creative; boldly original.
3. a person who resembles Prometheus in spirit or action.


adj (liter)prometheisch (liter)
References in classic literature ?
I carried with me some promethean matches, which I ignited by biting; it was thought so wonderful that a man should strike fire with his teeth, that it was usual to collect the whole family to see it: I was once offered a dollar for a single one.
And at last Bert was left almost alone, a sad, blackened Promethean figure, cursed by the gift of fire.
The new interactive technology will further enhance students' and teachers' experiences with their Promethean classroom display for a seamless, engaging learning environment.
Photographic works from Matt McKee's Promethean Dreams series have been selected to support and set the mood for Bill Streever's talk about his latest book, Heat: Adventures in the World's Fiery Places, “an adventurous ride through the most blisteringly hot regions of science, history, and culture" (Streever, Bill).
The Promethean enemies and new set of weapons were posted in a NeoGaf forum by user Garrett 2U, according to (http://halocouncil.
Promethean World, which floated on the London Stock Exchange at 200p a share two years ago, suffered a further 20% plunge to 58.
The conference which gathers senior companies like Nokia, Dell, Polycom, FVC, promethean aims to enhance IT operation to enhance creativity and innovation.
Promethean has joined with Channel One to deliver the latter company's daily news program.
During the conference, Eugene Viscovic, president of APAC & Emerging Markets of Promethean International, noted the extraordinary achievements realised by Darwish Technology in the field of interactive education and its promotion across Qatar, and invited the attending partners to follow its lead.
Darwish Technology, the technological arm of Darwish Holding, has received the 2010 best distributor award for the Middle East region from Promethean, the British global leader in interactive education.
A CELEBRATION was held for Promethean Planet at Beit Al Tajjar, Sanabis, yesterday after its memberships reached one million.
Educational whiteboards firm Promethean also confirmed a launch price today, which values the business at around pounds 400m.