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 (prō-nĕf′rəs, -rŏs′)
n. pl. pro·neph·roi (-roi) or pro·neph·ra (-rə)
A kidneylike organ, being either part of the most anterior pair of three pairs of organs in a vertebrate embryo, disappearing early in the embryonic development of most vertebrates.

[pro- + Greek nephros, kidney.]

pro·neph′ric (-rĭk) adj.
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MRKH syndrome has been attributed to an initial affection of the intermediate mesoderm, consequently leading to an alteration of the blastema of the cervicothoracic somites and pronephric ducts (4,12).
(3) in 1979.The occurrence of the MURCS association is sporadic, (4) and the etiology is still not clear; one hypothesis is that it results from an alteration of the blastema of the lower cervical and upper thoracic somites and pronephric ducts, which have an intimate spatial relationship in the fourth week of fetal development.
The 125-[micro]M dose resulted in expression in epithelial cells of the developing skin, gill, olfactory organ, digestive tract, liver, pronephric ducts of the pronephros, and in the lateral line neuromasts (Figure 3).