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 (prông′hôrn′, prŏng′-)
n. pl. pronghorn or prong·horns
A ruminant mammal (Antilocapra americana) of western North American plains that resembles an antelope, has forked horns that are shed and regrown annually, and is noted for its speed. Also called pronghorn antelope.


(Animals) a ruminant mammal, Antilocapra americana, inhabiting rocky deserts of North America and having small branched horns: family Antilocapridae. Also called: American antelope


(ˈprɔŋˌhɔrn, ˈprɒŋ-)

n., pl. -horns, (esp. collectively) -horn.
a fleet, antelopelike ruminant, Antilocapra americana, of the plains of W North America. Also called prong′horn an′telope.
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Noun1.pronghorn - fleet antelope-like ruminant of western North American plains with small branched hornspronghorn - fleet antelope-like ruminant of western North American plains with small branched horns
ruminant - any of various cud-chewing hoofed mammals having a stomach divided into four (occasionally three) compartments
Antilocapra, genus Antilocapra - type and sole genus of the Antilocapridae comprising one species
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Among the highlights of its protection efforts is the reintroduction of extinct species in the region, such as the bighorn and pronghorn sheep, which currently number approximately 400 specimens.
The hillbilly motor home is adorned with a coyote hide, a bear trap Lester built (cheaper, he notes, than buying a piece now considered a collectible), a snapping turtle's shell, a possum pelt, ram's horns, wire minnow trap, buffalo horn, pronghorn sheep horns, block and tackle to lift the big ones and, naturally, a set of deer's hooves.
Forty years ago animal populations such as elk, pronghorn sheep and wild turkey were nearly extinct.