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A synthetic androgen inhibitor used primarily in men for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and androgenetic alopecia.

[fin- (alteration of (al)ph(a-reductase) in(hibitor)) + (az)aster(oid), steroid containing azine (alteration of azo- + steroid) + (am)ide.]
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n finasterida
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Trump daily takes a 10 mg dose of Crestor to lower cholesterol, 81 mg of aspirin for cardiac health, and 1 mg of Propecia for prevention of male pattern hair loss.
FDA proved two drugs - Minoxidil, to treat hypertension and finasteride (Propecia) to treat benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).
It came two days after Bornstein told the New York Times that Trump took Propecia, a drug often prescribed to stimulate hair growth in men.
Earlier Tuesday, Bornstein said the longtime Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller and two other men had conducted a "raid" on his offices for Trump's medical records in February 2017, two days after Bornstein told a newspaper that he had for years prescribed Propecia, a hair growth medicine, for Trump.
Bornstein said the incident, which he described as a "raid", took place days after he told The New York Times that Trump takes Propecia, a drug for men with enlarged prostates that helps with hair growth.
The incident at Bornstein's office came two days after the doctor told The New York Times that Trump takes Propecia, a drug for enlarged prostates that is often prescribed to stimulate hair growth in men.
Medical records disclosed last month by Trump's White House doctor noted a 1-milligram daily dose of Propecia, a drug to combat male-pattern baldness.
Navy medic Ronny Jackson, who has just done his first physical since taking office, revealed the President has a Propecia tablet daily to fight baldness.
He also takes Propecia to combat male pattern hair loss.
Meanwhile, Professor Choi clarified that their findings were different from existing studies like MSD's Propecia (finasteride), which simply slows down hair loss and cannot be applied to subjects with no hair follicles left.
Along with surgical procedures and grafts for hair restoration, the hair loss treatment manufacturing industry includes companies that produce oral and topical treatments, the most popular of which are Propecia and Rogaine.
"When you have male patient with hair loss taking Propecia [finasteride], talk to them about the dangers of exposure to a female partner and pregnancy in particular." Also ask patients to bring in any supplements they are taking.