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Noun1.proportional tax - any tax in which the rate is constant as the amount subject to taxation increases
revenue enhancement, tax, taxation - charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
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Amman, June 2 (Petra) -- The government on Sunday decided to replaced the proportional tax levied on oil derivatives with a fixed tax (lump sum) which means that the tax on fuel will not increase in the meantime or in the future in case crude oil prices go up.
A fair and proportional tax levy would be more appropriate, rather than taxing more than is necessary.
Taxpayers must weigh whether keeping up with supporting documents for state deductions is worth their time considering the far smaller proportional tax benefit on the state level.
From the point of view of the public authorities, indirect taxes are particularly attractive if their amount is a proportional part of the price, because the fiscal efficiency of such taxes increases without the necessity of any action on the part of authorities, as the proportional tax on sales increases along with the increase of prices (James & Nobes, 2000, p.
However, in a post-Brexit world where we regain sovereignty, there is one fiscal strategy that could achieve significant economic growth and employment: a uniformly low proportional tax rate.
By reducing the burden on private and corporate income, a low proportional tax rate, applied uniformly across our economy, would instantly remove deterrents to private entrepreneurial initiatives and a surge of create corporate activity would sweep the land.
Firms face a regulation that requires them to pay a higher proportional tax on wages [pi] if they currently have more than n employees.
"Is that kind of tax really the legacy we - a generation who own half the nation's wealth - want to bequeath our children and grandchildren?" He will call for an overhaul of inheritance tax and council tax, on which the proportional tax rate for a family in a PS100,000 house is five times that of someone in a million-pound property.
"Ability to pay" is the idea that people's tax burdens should reflect their capacity to pay, as measured, depending by the tax regime at issue, by income or wealth; "equal treatment" is the idea that all people should bear similar proportional tax burdens; and "compensatory" is the notion that taxes should compensate for the state's role in favoring or harming certain groups of citizens relative to others, especially in the context of wartime drafts.
In absolute terms, he pays a higher tax on consumption anyway because the proportional tax amount for a higher priced good is more than for a lower priced good.
Most economists view the VAT as a regressive tax, although technically, it is a proportional tax.
Further, since the analysis assumed a marginal tax rate of t, it applies to both progressive and proportional tax systems.

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