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Prosaist Johannes Ruven, kes oli olnud ENKL-i orgtoimkonna aktivist ja komparteilane, hukati Tallinna keskvanglas 1942.
aastal tolkija Artur Alliksaar, kirjandustegdlane Paul Ambur, luuletaja ning muusikateadlane Eduard Visnapuu, tolkija ning prosaist Rein Sepp ja esseist Friido Toomus.
Kaselo, Kaster (a-ni 1931 Rudolf Kass, 1906-1941), prosaist
My point is that Kovalevskaya as a prosaist cannot summon the same emotional intensity or nuanced, vivid style to bear on what, according to all evidence, was her abiding professional and personal passion (mathematics) that emerges in her nature descriptions.
Prosaist won't do, and neither will prosist, proser, the straightforward prose-writer.
A prosaist, accustomed to dissolving (or hiding) lyricism in an array of dusty novelistic voices, is perhaps not looking back into literature's heroes of the past, but endeavoring instead to advance - as an individual - in a horribly impersonal, mass society.
It would appear that the Russian prosaist, in turning to verse, has indeed viewed his new workshop as a place of spiritual or metaphysical endeavors.
I was promptly (curtly, even) informed by the prosaist Valeri Popov that with Brodsky and Kushner, the "classical" strain of Russian poetry and its influence had ended.
Elzbieta Kononczuk writes about prosaists who presented the process mostly in relation to borderlands, the lands where the borders of countries shifted, causing great migrations, the lands that even today are considered peripheries of Europe.
There were excellent satirists, comedians and prosaists. Virgil looked up to Homer, Seneca to Euripides, Plautus and Terrencius to Menander etc.
Polish prosaists were aware of the continuity between the anti-Semitism of the twenty-year interwar period and the symptoms of hatred towards Jews in the period of occupation and shortly after the end of the war.
Rather, by his need to examine the very foundation of writing and to play with literary conventions, he is one of a group of middle and younger prosaists who shun realistic motivation and have introduced innovative narrative modes into Serbian literature.