proso millet

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pro·so millet

An annual grass (Panicum miliaceum) having a large drooping panicle and adapted to dry soils, widely cultivated in prehistoric Eurasia for its grain and now grown in North America chiefly for birdseed and livestock feed. Also called broomcorn millet, common millet.

[Russian or Polish proso, millet.]
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Cereals:- 117 high yielding varieties/hybrids of cereals comprising 65of rice, 14 of wheat, 24 of maize, 5 of finger millet, 3 of pearl millet, 1 each of sorghum, barley, foxtail millet, kodo millet, little millet and proso millet were released for cultivation in different agro-ecologies of the country during 2017.
Evaluation of the waxy endosperm trait in proso millet (Panicum miliaceum).
To produce the snack, cranberry seed meal at 24%, 30% and 36% levels was included in formulations along with proso millet (a grass species used as a crop), tapioca starch, corn meal and salt.
There are also a whole group of minor millets like foxtail millet and proso millet.
Farmers need only six to eight inches of rainfall to produce a crop of proso millet, one variety of the grain.
In a four-year experiment with proso millet, they showed that the header did not reduce yields.
Boydston, in Prosser, Washington, are comparing the ability of sweet corn hybrids to withstand infestations of wild proso millet, a fast-growing annual weed for which few herbicides are registered.
Black oil type sunflower and white proso millet will attract nearly all kinds of seed eating backyard birds and are by far the most popular with the widest variety of species.
More practical solutions for the incorporation of sunflower into the winter wheat-fallow systems of the central Great Plains include strip cropping, following sunflower with a shallow-rooted summer crop such as proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.
Seed mixes commonly sold at grocery stores (about $3 for 10 pounds) contain white proso millet and unhulled sunflower seeds-favorites for many birds.