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The hydrolytic breakdown of proteins into peptides and amino acids, as occurs during digestion.


(Biochemistry) the hydrolysis of proteins into simpler compounds by the action of enzymes: occurs esp during digestion
[C19: from New Latin, from proteo- (from protein) + -lysis]
proteolytic adj


(ˌproʊ tiˈɒl ə sɪs)

the breaking down of proteins into simpler compounds, as in digestion.
[1875–80; proteo- (comb. form representing protein) + -lysis]
pro`te•o•lyt′ic (-əˈlɪt ɪk) adj.


the breaking down or hydrolysis of proteins into simpler compounds, as in digestion. — proteolytic, adj.
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Noun1.proteolysis - the hydrolysis of proteins into peptides and amino acids by cleavage of their peptide bonds
chemical action, chemical change, chemical process - (chemistry) any process determined by the atomic and molecular composition and structure of the substances involved
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Robin's scientific focus is innovative approaches to small molecule drug discovery, specifically fragment-based discovery, DNA encoded libraries, covalent drug discovery, protein degradation and the integration of chemical technologies in into structure and predictive modelling-based drug design.
The company is a leader in the "underappreciated" field of targeted protein degradation with optionality from multiple near-term oncology clinical readouts, Merle tells investors in a research note.
"This is the first time that we have described a surprising connection between protein degradation and the development of resistances against taxanes and other drugs that act on the spindle microtubules," said Hoffmann.
"This innovative strategy of controlling protein proximity to enable targeted protein degradation represents a powerful approach to potentially develop therapeutics for what have been otherwise intractable diseases of the brain," says Stephen J.
(NASDAQ: GILD) and Nurix Therapeutics, Inc., a company discovering drugs that harness the body's natural process to control protein levels, have forged a global strategic collaboration to discover, develop and commercialise a pipeline of innovative targeted protein degradation drugs for patients with cancer and other challenging diseases, the companies said.
Decline of protein content may be due to inhibition of protein synthesis or protein degradation (Howarth, 2005).
Microbial, physicochemical and protein degradation analyses were performed in triplicate on the 0, 3, 6, 9, and 12 of storage period.
On the other hand, the exact mechanism by which protein degradation affects skeletal muscle mass and meat productivity is less understood.
"C4T's platform enables the discovery of novel molecules that take advantage of endogenous protein degradation mechanisms to target disease-causing proteins," said Michael Ehlers, executive vice president, research and development, Biogen.
5) They inhibit tissue-damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) formed during exercise that can cause protein degradation.
They increase protein synthesis, decrease protein degradation and cause a net increase in myofibrillar protein content5.