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Noun1.proteosome - a form of vaccine that can be administered by an inhaler
vaccine, vaccinum - immunogen consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells injected in order to stimulate the production of antibodies
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Fluorinov has a deep portfolio of potential best-in-class oncology drug candidates with attractive therapeutic profiles including oral therapies targeting the proteosome, bromodomains, survivin, PD1 and the blood-brain barrier.
40 fold), in addition to its role in protein degradation as a component of the proteosome, is known to mediate the LPS-induced activation of macrophages with consequent transcription of genes that encode proinflammatory regulators of the immune response (Martinez-Solano et al.
Studies using proteosome inhibitor MG132 suggested that omega-3 PUFAs induce degradation of the PcG protein EZH2 through posttranslational mechanisms.
Proteosome, in turn, is a large protein enzyme that breaks down oxidized proteins that would otherwise accumulate and cause cells to die.
Ataxin 3 is ubiquitously expressed throughout the body, pathology occurs only in the brain, where ataxin 3 accumulates in inclusions, along with proteins including molecular Chaperons and components of ubiquitin proteosome degradation pathway (6).
Recently, however, cardiovascular attention has also focused on HSP27, which is known to have chaperoning activity, to inhibit F-actin polymerization, to protect against apoptosis, and to be involved in the presentation of oxidized proteins to the proteosome degradation machinery (3).
Auxin hormone receptors have been characterized and selective degradation of transcription factors via the ubiqutin-26S proteosome pathway is known to result from hormone binding but there is currently little understanding of how hormone reception leads to that accelerated transcription factor degradation or how this, in turn, alters developmental physiology.
They cause DNA damage, proteosome degradation, as well as extracellular protein alteration.
ID Biomedical is a biotechnology company focused on the development of proprietary subunit vaccine products, including those based on its Proteosome platform intranasal adjuvant/delivery technology.
Faustman and her colleagues have found that, in an inbred strain of mice prone to diabetes, defects in a cellular structure called the proteosome can prevent female cells from chopping up proteins as required for antigen presentation.