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n. pl.1.(Zool.) A suborder of serpents including those that have permanently erect grooved poison fangs, with ordinary teeth behind them in the jaws. It includes the cobras, the asps, and the sea snakes. Called also Proteroglyphia.
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Position of the injury Snake classification in Number of relation to the dentition specimens AP MP PP Venomous 110 43 33 5 Solenoglyphs 95 39 29 5 Proteroglyphs 15 4 4 0 Nonvenomous 311 88 89 33 Aglyphs 192 79 79 21 Opisthoglyphs 12 9 10 12
Venomous snakes have three distinct fang con gurations Vipers, with long, hinged erectile fangs are called solenoglyphs, while cobras and their allies with shorter, xed front fangs are known as proteroglyphs. Opisthoglyphs, such as the African boomslang (Dispholidus typus) have their venom-conducting fangs located at the rear of the mouth.
Some colubrine snakes (the proteroglyphs) poison their prey by biting them with the firm venomous fangs at the front of the upper jaw.