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n.1.(Gr. Ch.) One of the clergy of first rank in the lower order of secular clergy; an archpriest; - called also protopapas.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(He had been entranced to discover that the Russian for Protopope was ilpoTonon.) Schemes for mastering logarithms, trigonometric identities, simple differentiation.
IN 1682, in a far-off Siberian settlement, the Alternative Pope, or Protopope, was burned at the stake.
Avvakum himself wrote in detail in The Life of the Protopope Avvakum about the persecutions inflicted upon their friends.
Many priests, the most active amongst whom was the Protopope, Avvakum, declared the Patriarch and his adherents to be the servants of Antichrist and proponents of anti-divine heresy.
Written in the language of the seventeenth century, the poem is ostensibly a philippic from the famous militant Russian Old Believer and protopope, Avvakum, directed against his deadly enemy, the patriarch Nikon.
Love became more of an institution than a personal, intimate choice: "Love is a blend between the priest, the protopopes, the magistrates, the ecclesiastic Court"" (Vintila-Ghijulescu 60).