Protracted meeting

a religious meeting continued for many successive days.

See also: Protracted

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It is vital to mention here that his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif held a protracted meeting with Nawaz Sharif in London .
The protracted meeting came tantalizingly close to agreement.
Accompanied with Archbishops Abou Jawdeh, Mazloum, and Matar, Maronite Patriarch held shortly after his arrival a protracted meeting with Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati.
After a protracted meeting between four representatives of the crowd and the Larnaca welfare authorities, around 30 protestors stormed the offices injuring one police officer.
Harrison's manager immediately flew up to Glasgow from London for an emotional and protracted meeting with the Cambuslang boxer, his father and trainer, Peter Harrison, and lawyer Massimo Franchi.
A party spokesman confirmed the decision after a protracted meeting in the constituency.
At the protracted meeting on 5 April, the Parliament's Secretary-General presented a study demanded by a number of MEPs reviewing all the cases of lifting of immunity since 1979 and the introduction of direct universal suffrage in the election of the Assembly.
In a lighter vein, the author traces the beginning of the end of the socialists to a protracted meeting between then-President Felipe Gonzalez and the singer Julio Iglesias, arguing that anyone capable of sustaining a two-hour conversation with Julio has to be out of touch with reality.
After a protracted meeting between a four-member group representing the demonstrators and Welfare authorities, some 30 impatient protestors stormed the offices leaving an intervening police officer with a facial injury and bruises.
Despite a protracted meeting Williams knew he would remain in office within a couple of hours, Reardon (37 votes for - 34 against) and McMahon (38-34) were the first two nominations to gain election.
The bid allowed the participants to directly quote competitively their offering prices without the need for negotiations and protracted meetings separately with each of them, saving valuable amount of time and efforts as well.
Through these two mediums of communication, Mercer argued for the establishment of missionary institutions (theological schools, protracted meetings, and missionary societies) while holding to the Calvinistic theology of his forefathers.