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Noun1.Protropin - trade name of a synthetic human growth hormone given to children deficient in the hormone; use by athletes and weightlifters is banned
growth hormone, human growth hormone, somatotrophic hormone, somatotrophin, somatotropic hormone, somatotropin, STH - a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland; promotes growth in humans
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The FDA began criminally prosecuting off-label marketing in 1999 when they brought suit against Genentech for the marketing of Protropin, a growth hormone.
Tim's industry experience includes senior positions at Merck, Genentech, Boehringer Mannheim, ILEX Oncology and DirectGene playing key roles in the commercialization of many products including: Merck's HEPTAVAX-B, RECOMBIVAX-B, NOROXIN, MEFOXIN and PRIMAXIN; Genentech's PROTROPIN and ACTIVASE; Boehringer Mannheim's ANEXSIA; and, ILEX's CAMPATH.
His past medical history was significant for idiopathic short stature for which he has been receiving growth hormone therapy (protropin) since the age of 10 years.