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 (pro͞ost), Marcel 1871-1922.
French writer whose seven-part novel Remembrance of Things Past (1913-1927) is noted for its detailed portrayal of the psychology of memory.

Proust′i·an adj.


(Literary & Literary Critical Movements) of or relating to Marcel Proust, his works, or his style
(Literary & Literary Critical Movements) an admirer of Marcel Proust's works
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Adj.1.Proustian - of or relating to or in the manner of Marcel Proust
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Those in English discuss Proustian masquerades: I or not-I, prosody as field of play: a neglected issue in the translation of nonsense verse, and odd men in: the 2011 film Intouchables.
Ratatouille is about all the Proustian associations we have with foodhow transporting a taste can be, how tied into golden-toned, long-in-the-past memories.
Music stirs memories and emotions and can take you travelling in time like an acoustic Proustian madeleine.
Furthermore, Bozovic's reading of Ada as Nabokov's self-distancing from the transnational modernist culture that had nurtured him aesthetically and philosophically suffers from the scholar's insistence on Ada's appropriation of Joycean and Proustian poetics and on Nabokov's promotion of his counter-canon "in high modernism's own terms" (4).
For me, the ring is a Proustian madeleine--I conjure my mother's hand when I put it on--but it's so clearly an engagement ring that I rarely wear it.
His description of the feeling of a sudden rush of memories when tasting a madeleine dipped in tea has been called 'the Proustian moment.
There are many Proustian madeleines that conjure ghosts as the characters walk along the Sharia River, another name for the Jordan: the reeds, the tamarisks, the blackbirds, the sound of the water.
Summary: Designer turned sweet-maker Benjamin Loyaute is saving Syria's 'immaterial heritage' one Proustian taste at a time.
His novel is based on the self-discovery of one's own ego, who speaks himself out, introspection being essential in creating a Proustian perspective.
Two of the Latin American figures examined in this book are well known by Proustian scholars: Reynaldo Hahn, who was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and Gabriel Yturri, who was born and raised near Tucuman, Argentina.
So [my first novel] was a Proustian tale about memory and familial drama about my Lebanese background in the Amazon.
However, emotions also have a place in the quest for investment excellence, almost a Proustian sense of search for the valuation metrics of a lost time (temps perdu, to Charles Swann