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 (pro͞ost), Marcel 1871-1922.
French writer whose seven-part novel Remembrance of Things Past (1913-1927) is noted for its detailed portrayal of the psychology of memory.

Proust′i·an adj.


(Literary & Literary Critical Movements) of or relating to Marcel Proust, his works, or his style
(Literary & Literary Critical Movements) an admirer of Marcel Proust's works
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Adj.1.Proustian - of or relating to or in the manner of Marcel Proust
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One caveat in terms of style: like many French journalists/novelists, Lancon feels the need to insert as many literary references as possible into his narrative, with results that are often more rambling than Proustian. Some judicious editing would have eliminated a few of the unnecessary digressions and provided a sharper, clearer focus.
Along the way to unraveling the Proustian mysteries of smells and memory, scientists have picked up several clues.
Celtic's visit to Germany for tomorrow night's Europa League tie against RB Leipzig provoked a Proustian rush of memories for one of the club's greatest captains, Roy Aitken, and the time the Glasgow side had to "adopt" him so he could travel beyond the Iron Curtain.
Throughout, her prose is a constant delight; melancholic, it dances between Proustian perambulations and stark, terse phrases with ease.
Curtis' taho affair definitely seemed like a Proustian moment, a wistful reminder that no matter how far one gets in life, it doesn't hurt to look back once in a while and remember those who touched their lives, and stay with them forever.
Also, Proustian prose aside, if you're feeling lazy, you can get from a few ingredients to deliciousness in no time.
Those in English discuss Proustian masquerades: I or not-I, prosody as field of play: a neglected issue in the translation of nonsense verse, and odd men in: the 2011 film Intouchables.
Ratatouille is about all the Proustian associations we have with foodhow transporting a taste can be, how tied into golden-toned, long-in-the-past memories.
Music stirs memories and emotions and can take you travelling in time like an acoustic Proustian madeleine.
Furthermore, Bozovic's reading of Ada as Nabokov's self-distancing from the transnational modernist culture that had nurtured him aesthetically and philosophically suffers from the scholar's insistence on Ada's appropriation of Joycean and Proustian poetics and on Nabokov's promotion of his counter-canon "in high modernism's own terms" (4).
For me, the ring is a Proustian madeleine--I conjure my mother's hand when I put it on--but it's so clearly an engagement ring that I rarely wear it.
Summary: Designer turned sweet-maker Benjamin Loyaute is saving Syria's 'immaterial heritage' one Proustian taste at a time.