Proximate analysis

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(Chem.) an analysis which determines the proximate principles of any substance, as contrasted with an ultimate analysis.

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Fats and Oils Proximate analysis, percent as fed basis * Crude protein: 0 * Crude fat: 82.5 to 100 * Crude fiber: 0 Major feed applications Fats fed to livestock are primarily animal fats derived from rendered beef, swine, sheep, or poultry tissues.
However, we have found that the raw material has general similarities with hardwoods and other nonwoods, both in terms of proximate analysis and fiber characteristics.
Proximate analysis of the three types of bread (5% guar gum, 5% wheat bran and normal bread) were determined by measuring the level of moisture, fat, protein and ash according to the method of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC, 1984).
Proximate analysis of each diet was performed by a commercial laboratory (Woodson-Tenent Laboratories Inc., Memphis, Tennessee).
The objective of this work was determine proximate analysis, essential aminoacid content, and minerals in some fish species commonly sold in Venezuela.
Proximate Analysis of Japanese Vegetable Soybean Composition Value Energy (Kcal/100g) 582.0 Water (g/100g) 71.1 Protein (g/100g) 11.4 Lipids (g/100g) 6.6 Carbohydrates (g/100g) 7.4 Fiber (g/100g) 1.9 Dietary fiber (g/100g) 15.6 Ash (g/100g) 1.6 Calcium (mg/100g) 70.0 Phosphorus (mg/100g) 140.0 Iron (mg/100g) 1.7 Sodium (mg/100g) 1.0 Potassium (mg/100g) 140.0 Carotene (mg/100g) 100.0 Vitamin B1 (mg/100g) 0.27 Vitamin B2 (mg/100g) 0.14 Niacin (mg/100g) 1.0 Ascorbic acid g/100g) 27.0 Source: Edamame: A Vegetable Soybean for Colorado.
Decay models have often been hypothesized on a two-compartment model of "lignin" pins "cellulose" (the "lignin" in fact being the acid-insoluble residue from proximate analysis).
The recommended age of around 71 days for slaughtering is also accentuated by the proximate analysis of cooked (internal temperature of 75 degrees c) breast and drumstick (Table 3).
The caloric value of brewed and instant teas has been estimated by calculation based upon the proximate analysis of the soluble solids in tea.
Proximate analysis and calorific values of coal samples were carried out using reported protocols and trace metal analysis including Co, Cr, Ni, Pb, Zn, Cd and Cu was done by ICP employing standard procedures.
Proximate analysis. Mineral analysis (Atomic absorption spectrophotometer; Perkin Elmer AA400), Gross energy (Bomb Calorimeter; Ika-werke-c2000).
One part was prepared according to ASTM D-2013 for proximate analysis. Sieve analysis was performed on the second part while the remaining portion was used for cleaning tests.