Proximate principle

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(Physiol. Chem.) one of a class of bodies existing ready formed in animal and vegetable tissues, and separable by chemical analysis, as albumin, sugar, collagen, fat, etc.

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And this experience, the enlargement of consciousness that can be called "being loved unconditionally from the ground of being that is God" is what radically changes us as persons, establishing an entitative habit (remote principle) and the consequent conjugate form of the habit of charity (proximate principle) by which we may perform the operations to which Lonergan is referring in the first thesis of De ente supernaturali.
Samples of feeds, residues and faeces were milled to pass through a 1 mm sieve and analyzed for proximate principles following the methods of the AO AC [9] to determine DM by oven drying method (934.01), organic matter (OM) by muffle furnace in- cineration (967.05), crude protein (CP), by kjeldahl method (984.13), ether extract (EE) (920.39), ash (942.05).
virtues are in the faculties as proximate principles of supernatural operations.