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Noun1.proxy fight - a measure used by an acquirer to gain control of a takeover target; acquirer tries to persuade other shareholders that the management of the target should be replaced
takeover attempt - an attempt to take control of a corporation
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The decision to postpone the meeting was made by Merrimack's Board of Directors based on ongoing recent discussions with significant shareholders and a desire to reach a constructive solution to avoid a potentially costly and distracting proxy contest with JFL Capital Management LLC, which has nominated four director candidates for the Company's Board.
Their best defense against a proxy contest in 2020 is to drive material outperformance by maximizing value for all shareholders.
New York-based investment firm Bow Street LLC on May 22 detailed its case for changes at Mack-Cali Realty Corp., the latest salvo in what has become a bitter proxy contest.
"Given the events of the last year, it is unfortunate that Corvex intends to launch a distracting and costly proxy contest while Williams is moving forward with its plan to identify new, highly qualified and independent directors," the company said in a statement.
The rules of corporate campaign finance have always been simple and few: Incumbents can spend reasonable amounts of corporate funds on defending a proxy contest while insurgents must finance their own campaigns (but may be reimbursed if they win).
The company will continue to proceed with its current proxy contest to replace Axiall's board in light of the uncertainty as to whether Axiall's announced process to consider strategic alternatives will conclude, if at all, in advance of Axiall's annual meeting on 17 June 2016.
The talks between the two sides represent an effort by the internet company to avoid a proxy contest just weeks before a March 26 deadline for Starboard and other shareholders to submit nominees for the board of directors.
First, you'll need to determine if the activist is after a quick buck or has he really thought out why a proxy contest is necessary.
The study said the stage is now set for a proxy contest, with Iranian-backed groups in Lebanon and Shia forces in Syria and Iraq being pitted against Sunni communities in the same countries, some of them supported by Saudi Arabia.
(41) They argue in part that proxy access will have little effect on the full cost of a proxy contest, since the costs of' hiring lawyers and advertising for one's nominee is still the responsibility of shareholder challengers, and that the restrictions on proxy access will make its use highly difficult.
Determining violation of those agreements, Chancellor Leo Strine, Jr., enjoined Martin Marietta for four months from prosecuting a proxy contest, making an exchange or tender offer, or otherwise taking steps to acquire control of Vulcan Materials shares or assets.