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Noun1.topical anesthetic - anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the bodytopical anesthetic - anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the body
anaesthetic, anaesthetic agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent - a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations
anesthyl - a mixture of methyl and ethyl chloride; sprayed on as a local anesthetic
antipruritic - a substance that relieves or prevents itching
benzocaine, ethyl aminobenzoate - a white crystalline ester used as a local anesthetic
butacaine, butacaine sulfate - a white crystalline ester that is applied to mucous membranes as a local anesthetic
ethyl chloride - a colorless flammable gas used as a local surface anesthetic
Lidocaine, Xylocaine - a local anesthetic (trade names Lidocaine and Xylocaine) used topically on the skin and mucous membranes
Ethocaine, procaine - a white crystalline powder (trade name Ethocaine) administered near nerves as a local anesthetic in dentistry and medicine
tetracaine - a crystalline compound used in the form of a hydrochloride as a local anesthetic
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In our study we neither prefix the riboflavin application with 30 min proxymetacaine chloride, as demonstrated by Kir et al,16 Nor did we used a corneal epithelial trephine for riboflavin soak like Zhang et al for enhanced permeability.
Linda said: "The letter said I'd gone in for a routine eye examination and been given drops of Proxymetacaine 0.