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Prudency of construction costs will be established after the costs are incurred and Georgia Power will carry the burden of proof on prudency for all capital costs above $5.
Economic diversification, efforts to remove barriers to entry and the positive impact of continued fiscal prudency on liquidity have brought the latter market into sharp focus for regional and international investors alike.
According to the dominant culture and traditions in Iran, the embarrassment and prudency of the parents to learning the pubertal and adolescence-related issues is obvious; further, the parents' knowledge might not be at such a level that they can provide correct and appropriate information for their children (48).
Khaldoun Haj Hasan, chief executive officer of Amanat, said: "Throughout the third quarter we continued our emphasis on supporting our portfolio companies with their growth plans and maintaining prudency in managing our costs; all while focusing on finding the right and unique investment opportunities.
Another critical area is operational prudency or the answer to the question "Was it legitimate?
Among the encouraging signs of Chinas pursuit of sustainable economic growth, the prudency in which it is addressing debt and its continued openness to trade and investment, is the pace of digital change within their economy.
To achieve this we will implement our strategy with appropriate prudency, focus and rigour.
It is here where Henley makes clear that the maintenance of low inflation rates and a fairly liberalized economy, combined with fiscal prudency, were key to enabling sustainable economic growth in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, which in turn secured sufficient levels of state revenue and investment in human capital to permit these countries to make the leap from a largely rural-agricultural economy to a manufacturing-oriented and capital-intensive one.
He argued Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA)'s investments - "made overseas for prudency and diversification" - further temper his anxiety about the budget shortfall and support his reasoning that there is no need to impose further cuts on the general public.
Wrongful arrests are rarely compensated by courts due to the principle of judicial immunity and the prudency assumption on the end of debtors.
For example, the understanding of the contexts in which "aversion to law" versus "respect for legal practices" arise leads to the understanding of the paradox of "client retention versus prudency in financial management.
There were lots of pledges for fiscal prudency made by African governments after the HIPC Initiative came into play, but for some countries, this commitment hasn't really played out," says Alan Cameron, Africa economist at Exotix in London.