preferred provider organization

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pre·ferred provider organization

n. Abbr. PPO
A health insurance plan in which members pay less for health care provided by professionals and hospitals affiliated with the plan.
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Prudent Buyer, Solihull, Birmingham Mail, November 3, 1976.
We'll still be a cautious, prudent buyer," he says.
The place printed money and like all other restaurant/lounges thing have slowed down a bit but that spells OPPORTUNITY for the prudent buyer.
China, as a prudent buyer, cannot be expected to pay any price substantially higher than Iran.
The well-organized setup of the show allows buyers to focus on the areas in which they are most interested, although the prudent buyer allows time to meander through those parts that may be unfamiliar to them.
When the asking price exceeds book value, a prudent buyer should test the justification for the excess.
Unsurprisingly, sellers then have to pay for the documents to be updated as no prudent buyer would accept an out-of-date survey.
I always recommend that a prudent buyer or seller should use a broker with experience and knowledge of the local market to guide them as they navigate a specific market--Manhattan, Brooklyn or the Hamptons.
And, a prudent buyer will have some fallback strategy in the event that the software source is not released by the court.
In conclusion therefore a full and proper due diligence exercise is a "must" for any prudent buyer.
A prudent buyer in these circumstances will want to protect itself from suppliers who quote delivery times recklessly or dishonestly.