Prune tree

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(Bot.) A tree of the genus Prunus (Prunus domestica), which produces prunes.
The West Indian tree, Prunus occidentalis.

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THE Cantonment Board Faisal (CBF) was recently on a mass drive to prune trees in Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Hafeez Jalandhri Road corridor from Kamran Chowrangi to Jauhar More to provide security to the mourners on the eve of the Muharram procession.
The section also received requests to prune trees in public areas and took the necessary action.
The campaign which ends today and residents can approach the Muharraq Council if they need help to prune trees in their neighbourhood or in front of their houses.
Prune trees (Tree Preservation |Order), Queenslea, 18 Woodfield Drive, Greetland.
A reminder of the volatility came on August 3, when Lebanese troops fired at Israeli soldiers attempted to prune trees in order to erect monitoring cameras on their side of the border.
A weekend of action was held to improve Walker Riverside Park, with people giving up their time to prune trees and shrubs, clear scrub and pick up litter.
The workers will replace and repaint all the railings around Sunburst Gates, prune trees and plant shrubs.
Warwickshire County Council will be bringing in contractors to prune trees, repair potholes, clear gullies, spray weeds, and to carry out other work on the road.
Just over pounds 12,000 has been requested to prune trees in Handsworth Wood.
The book covers general principles, distinguishes the different techniques needed to prune trees, shrubs and climbers, and lists the pruning requirements of several thousand species, including many uncommon types.
Prune trees and shrubs to keep them in shape for the coming spring months.