Prunus persica

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Noun1.Prunus persica - cultivated in temperate regionsPrunus persica - cultivated in temperate regions  
peach - downy juicy fruit with sweet yellowish or whitish flesh
genus Prunus, Prunus - a genus of shrubs and trees of the family Rosaceae that is widely distributed in temperate regions
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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Rosaceae family comprises nearly 90 genera and 300 species, among them fruit trees with economic importance are included such as apples (Malus pumila Mill.) and pears (Pyrus spp.); stone fruits or drupes like peaches (Prunus persica); several ornamental species including the rose (Rosa spp.), and soft fruits as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, among others.
Contents of sugars and organic acids in the cultivars of peach (Prunus persica L.) and nectarine (Prunus persica var.
Nutritional and physicochemical studies on fruit pulp,seed and shell of indigenous Prunus Persica. J.
Peach (Prunus persica L.) is a fruit rich in polyphenols that are mainly localized in the pulp and peel tissues.
Peach gum was collected from the trunk of peach tree (Prunus persica) (Naxi, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China) and labeled as raw gum (RG).
Peaches (Prunus persica) were introduced to North America by Spanish monks around St.
pruni) on peach leaves and fruits (Prunus persica); peacock eye (Fusicladium oleagineum) on olive leaves (Olea europaea); and anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) on feijoa fruits (Acca sellowiana).
et Wils., Paeonia lactiflora Pall., Prunus persica Batsch., and Rheum palmatum L.