Prunus spinosa

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Noun1.Prunus spinosa - a thorny Eurasian bush with plumlike fruitsPrunus spinosa - a thorny Eurasian bush with plumlike fruits
genus Prunus, Prunus - a genus of shrubs and trees of the family Rosaceae that is widely distributed in temperate regions
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Prunus spinosa ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar y ddraenen ddu a Blackthorn yn Saesneg.
cultivated lands [59-60 %, mainly cereals, less extent watermelon (Citrullus lanatus), maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis)], forests [29 %, mainly English oak (Quercus robur) and European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), less extent poplar (Populus) and locust (Robinia)], and the 11-12 % of the total area is abandoned grasslands [partially covered by blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), common hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), sedge (Carex)], common reed (Phragmites australis) and oxbow lakes covered by reed, bulrush (Typha), willow (Salix), alder (Alnus) and Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis).
I think your tree is a blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, due to the distinctive white bloom and shape of the leaves.
They will often use a mixture of native shrubs such as crataegus (hawthorn), Prunus spinosa (blackthorn), which has very long thorns, and holly, with its prickly leaves.
No Plant species Total anthocyanins Relative enzyme content, g/100 g * activity R6"T G2"T X2"T 1 Rubusidaeus 0.120 [+ or -] 0.012 4.4 51.8 3.7 2 Rubus occidentalis 0.740 [+ or -] 0.056 80.5 0 30.5 3 Rubus fruticosus 0.085 [+ or -] 0.012 0 0 0 4 Cerasus vulgaris 0.130 [+ or -] 0.015 93.7 73.2 0 94.6 4.7 0 5 Cerasus avium 0.070 [+ or -] 0.015 96.6 0 0 6 Prunus domestica < 0.010 66.2 0 0 7 Prunus spinosa < 0.010 65.0 0 0 8 Prunus persica < 0.010 3.5 0 0 * - as cyanidin-3-glycoside chloride.
Sloe (the purplish black fruit of the blackthorn shrub, Prunus spinosa) for making my own sloe gin.
Obvious contenders for the title of best bird larder include:- Crataegus monogyna (common hawthorn), Cotoneaster spp., Sorbus spps (rowans and whitebeams)., Viburnum opulus (guelder rose), Rosa spps., Pyracantha spps., Berberis spps., Prunus spinosa (blackthorn), Prunus laurocerasus (laurel), Lonicera periclymenum (honeysuckle), Sambucus nigra (Elderberry), Amelanchier spps.
Save pounds 6 on blackthorn bushes SLOE - or Prunus spinosa - are ideal as hedging or part of a wildlifefriendly garden.
Roedd cannoedd os nad miloedd o'r fl wenynen yn casglu paill a neithdar o flodau gwynion y ddraenen ddu (Prunus spinosa; blackthorn), a'u su yn chwyddo wrth i mi eu pasio a'u haflonyddu.